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contact info.
NAME. Zippy
PERSONAL JOURNAL. [personal profile] supermagpie
PLURK. [plurk.com profile] supermagpie
AIM. calamityzippy
OTHER. magpiemailbox@gmail.com
character info.
NAME. Steven Rogers.
SERIES. Marvel Cinematic Universe.
AGE. July 4, 1918. 24 (+70 years frozen in time).
HEIGHT&WEIGHT. 6'0" and 180lbs.
APPEARANCE. like such.
STATUS. | CAPTAIN AMERICA. the man out of time.
LODGINGS. Arrived | Sept 23rd, 2012 (Week 5)
Staying | Upper Level 211

RESIDENCE. Upper Level Room 211
POSSESSIONS. Clothes, pocketknife, sketchbook and pencils.
GOALS. He'd quite like to go home, really...
TRIGGERS. Does not stand for violence/abuse of power/bullying in general.
MEDICAL INFO. Super soldier; disease resistant, relatively quick healing.
MENTAL INFO. Stubborn, very intelligent, may resist mind control to a point.
FOURTH-WALLING. Go for it. He's getting used to the idea of being well known.
PHYSICAL CONTACT. He doesn't hug everyone he meets, but if he knows you, yeah, go for it. He doesn't bite.
ROMANCE/SEXUAL RELATIONS. Inexperienced, still smarting from waking up to find that the lady he loved thought he was dead and moved on with her life (for 70 years).
INJURE/KILL. He is vulnerable in the ways most humans are but he can endure incredible pain and still fight. He is resistant to toxins, poisons and drugs (including painkillers). He can be killed but is a hard man to keep down. Ask first please.
DEVICE HACKING. He is technologically illiterate to a large degree. All of the yes.
ANYTHING ELSE. Apple cake is Steve's favorite desert.
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Please feel free to comment here if you have questions, crit, commentary or anything for me regarding Steve. I am open to feedback and I promise I don't bite so feel free to go un-anon!

However, if you prefer, anon commenting is on, IP logging off, and all comments are screened.

Thanks in advance for the feedback! <3
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Captain Steven Rogers
Marvel Cinematic Universe (up to the end of Avengers)

beleaguered twenty-something Canadian
[plurk.com profile] supermagpie


Tagging: Please! Yes! All of the tags! If I have a bunch of tags on a meme already idec, hit me anyway. I will so tag you back. I try my damnedest to keep track of everything and to tag back in decent time, but some tags are trickier to write than others so I appreciate other's patience and will show the same to you. I will not stalk your character around memes getting butthurt if you end up tagging someone else more than me, I promise. RP is for fun and we should all have fun, so do your things ladies gents and others, and if I'm part of those things? Huzzah! <3
Backtagging: There is no such thing as late tags with me, don't even be sorry. Tag when you can tag and don't when you can't. IRL and other interests eat people up sometimes, I get it. I won't be hurt if you drop a thread or if it takes you a week to reply to me.
Threadhopping: Get in my threads! Bonus points for Avengers Assembling!
Fourthwalling: HELL YES, nothing is better than awkward encounters!
Character Preferences: Everyone. I love AU's, I love rule 63's, I love different canon versions of everybody ever. If you think our characters could bounce off each other well just tag me and we'll roll on, even if I know jack about your canon. I am good with assumed familiarity if required and really LOVE following up on previous meme interactions.
Shipping Preferences: I ship everything at a low flat rate. Cap mostly veers to the heterosexual side on pairings as that's his canon presentation but I can roll with most anything when I have good writing chemistry with a player and I have a soft spot for Cap/Tony and a handful of other m/m ships. Basically, if I can make it work without breaking character we're good. That said I have nothing against smut but it's not really a thing I tag on memes, sorry.
Definite Nos/Triggers/Etc: Your characters can talk to mine about anything - I'm not bothered or upset by the mention/discussion of topics like rape, pedophilia or abuse - but I absolutely DON'T role play those things. Aside of the fact that this character would never commit or be tangential to those acts I'm not interested as a player in stories that involve violation of another human being as a major component. The aftermath of events like that on a hurt/comfort meme or something I can work with in a comforter role, but I don't want to be part of the act of abuse either as violator or victim. General physical violence (ie: combat/sparring) is ok but if it gets sexual or devolves into straight up torture I'm going to end up not replying. I don't hold it against you if that's your bag but I'm just not the rper you're looking for as a partner in that case


General Physical Contact: Go for it, he doesn't freak out at being touched really.
Hugging: Only if you like awkward back-pat hugs. Unless he knows you, then you'll likely get the standard Captain America bear hug.
Kissing: Go for it but he'll probably push you off unless he knows you/there's mistletoe.
Flirting: Yes. PLEASE yes. He is an awkward turtle with flirting and I love it.
Fighting: He is formidable and will not hold back from a genuine threat so, yeah, if you want to tango with him have at, but he'll give as good as he gets so just watch out for the uppercut.
Injury: He's a normal squishy human with some incredible endurance and pretty quick healing, so he's 'super' but still VERY able to be injured. I'm good with most general stuff, just PM me if you want to do something drastic/extra scary like cleaving off a limb or a serious head injury or what have you.
Killing: On a meme about death? Have at! Otherwise just fire me a PM or something so we can hash out details before anything extreme happens.
Telepathy/mind reading: Can totally be used on him, though he's stubborn and will at least try to resist mind control if he realizes it's being imposed.
Magic: Susceptible as hell, so go nuts. Just see above on what I'm cool with happening to him.

If you have any kind of question just drop me a reply here, a PM or hit me up on Plurk. I also have AIM (calamityzippy) if you prefer real time chat. :)
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NAME/HANDLE: Amanda/Zippy
PERSONAL JOURNAL: [personal profile] supermagpie
ARE YOU 16 OR OVER?: Take that 16 and add 10. Voila!
CONTACT: magpiemailbox@gmail.com / PM [personal profile] supermagpie / [plurk.com profile] supermagpie / calamityzippy @ AIM / PM this journal
OTHER CHARACTERS: This will be my first!

CHARACTER NAME: Capt. Steven Rogers / Captain America
SERIES: Marvel Cinematic Universe (Captain America and The Avengers) (Steve specific character history over here.)
CANON POINT: Post-Avengers
AGE: 24
APPEARANCE: Like such.

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